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Updated 17072009:


38 responses to “

  1. I can go to the MOE chinese language website

  2. 我可以去那个website了。

  3. me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I cannot go to the MOE chinese website

  5. I can go website already!

  6. Colleen Yeow Hui Shiuan

    I can go website!!!!!!!!

  7. 金老师,
    我可以go to websiteee…!!!(both)

  8. i can also go to the website too

  9. i can go to the website.

  10. can go in

  11. Can go in. very fun

  12. I can go to the MOE website !!!!!!!

  13. I can go to the MOE website already !!!!!!!

  14. I can go in to the website .

  15. I went to the MOE website.

  16. 很好玩

  17. It is very fun and interesting.

  18. wish u happy teachers day.

  19. hope u have a happy day.

  20. hi, i wan to improve my chinese

  21. I am very HAPPY!

  22. I Will Improve My Chinese Next Year.

  23. I want to be always lucky. Cheers!

  24. 老师,我进不了MOE的website!

  25. i cannot go to the MOE website,my computer does’nt type a few letters and there’s a CATERPILLAR that has just finished eatin’ all the lime leaves my mom grew.

  26. This website is the best of all.

    It is very intresting and use fun

    we can lean chinese well and improve in our chinese

    chinese is the best languge to learn for all the ppl in the world

  27. I am a china ppl. I like chinese.

    In any subject chinese is the best of all my life

  28. 金老师,

  29. 颂恩:

  30. Teacher,I cannot go to the website.

  31. Jaxsen Tee Sheng Kai


    I tried many times already but still cannot access to the website.

  32. 请点击这网站:  


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